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Keeping drivers safe with Unavin

In a recent Regulatory Advice from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulatory it state:

“If CoR parties install the safety technology but fail to use the telematics data appropriately, because they are unwilling to develop a system to process, monitor, and interpret the data, this is unlikely to meet the threshold of reasonably practicable.” 

Often the issue for transport operators is not an “unwillingness” to develop their own systems to process and monitor and interpret telematics data but rather a lack of capacity or capability within the business to allow them to access, understand and treat the data effectively. 

Data overload 

We are excited to share a customer success story with you. This is a story of a transport company with a large fleet of trucks that has GPS tracking supplied by one of the largest providers in the world that was adding little value to their business.

Before implementing Unavin they would get an enormous amount of exception events generated by their telematics system.  The volume of events was so overwhelming that they couldn’t look into sorting and actioning on them. Each day the system would generate  hundreds of events that were fundamentally ignored.

Unavin to the rescue

We started with configuring the telematics system and setting up thresholds in Unavin to filter out “noise” and non-actionable events. By doing this we decreased the amount of daily exception events to be treated from hundreds to tens.

Now the business admin department could focus on the actual exception events and work with Drivers, Allocators and other team members to reduce the severity and quantity of the exceptions.

Fast forward a month and the business has no speeding and waypoint speeding events at all, reducing risk for the drivers, the community and the business. Through using the Unavin platform business managed to sort the “wheat from the chaff” and enable meaningful information to flow through the business and back to the drivers.

No need to develop your own system

Unavin has been developed from the ground up to help businesses meet their compliance obligations and generate demonstrable behavioural safety changes across the business.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you demonstrate that your telematics business practices meet the reasonably practicable test.

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